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Welcome to Coon's Card & Gift Shop

Karen Davis,




Being one of Salem's oldest retailers, Coon's Card and Gift Shop has a long standing tradition of providing Salem residents and visitors alike with unique gifts, affordable souvenirs, a huge selection of discounted greeting cards and friendly customer service.  This is something Karen Davis has worked diligently to continue over the years since taking ownership in 2002. 


Coon's was originally established in 1953 as a jewelry store by its founding owner, Arthur Coon. 


Over the last six decades it has changed locations several times throughout the city, each time expanding and growing into the eclectic gift shop it is today. 

Coon's is the home of Penelope's Pet Boutique which merged into Coon's in 2014, supplying Salem with a variety of pet apparel, gifts, toys and locally baked treats. 

Coon's is also the home to WONDER WITCH of Salem, a Divine Feminine Christ Leader Bringing the Dark into the Light and Peace into the World.  

In April 2018, Coon's re-opened it's doors after a complete remodel and continues to evolve.

Come and Feel the Magic that is Happening! 

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