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Behind the Scenes: Wicked Blessed Spell Bottles

We have a very hands-on approach here at Coon's; This includes handmaking all of our Wicked Blessed spirit pouches, spirit jars, altar kits, and spell bottles. We work together as a team to compile different intentions, spells, and rituals, hoping to make magic accessible to anybody & everybody! These bottles have an added power to them, as they are handmade right here in historic Salem, Massachusetts, the witch city itself. You have hundreds of years of powerful, magic energy in each bottle. You can't find that anywhere else! You don't need to do any specific ritual or steps; Simply having the bottle around you will help you tune into it's energy, and send the intention into the universe. You can keep your bottle on your altar, your nightstand, in your purse, under your bed, in your car- wherever feels right. You might prefer to keep it in a place where you will regularly see it, and be reminded of it's properties, or you may prefer to keep it in a hidden spot where only you know of it, and can visit it from time to time. There is no wrong way to use a spell bottle! You don't need years of experience & wisdom to tap into your magic- we make our products easy to use for anybody, from newbie to crone. Our newest product we've been working on is our Wicked Blessed Spell Bottles & Spirit Jars! We started with our own custom made bottles and jars, stamped with our exclusive Wicked Blessed logo; Wicked Blessed was created as a sort of affirmation to live, experience, and invite those blessings into your own world. It is a constant reminder of gratitude, magic, manifestation, and prosperity.

We began to fill each bottle with powerful herbs, flowers, spices, crystals, tokens, and other bits & pieces, according to their purpose. We found it most meaningful when we decided to included either keywords & phrases, or miniature tarot cards in each bottle, setting the intention for each spell. With the keywords, you set With tarot cards, a bottle with the two of cups would amplify partnership & unity; For friendship, romance, or teamwork. The eight of swords could assist an indecisive mind. The three of wands could assist with big picture thinking & objectivity.

When it comes to picking out your spell bottle in the store, we encourage each customer to go with whatever speaks most to them. You don't need to know the meaning when you first pick up the bottle; We believe your subconscious already knows which bottle you need! We invite our customers to ask us questions & we love helping them tap into their intuition.

When you order one on our website, we intuitively select which bottle to send you by tapping into your energy. The contents of the bottle remain a mystery until you receive it. Our philosophy is that the bottle you receive, is the one you need; It came to you for a reason! If you have any questions about the contents of your bottle, or need help interpreting the contents, the card meaning, or the keywords, you can always shoot us a message and we'll be happy to help you!

Clicking on whichever bottle appeals to you most will bring you directly to the order page for that bottle- feel free to browse our entire website ✨

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