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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Yes, you read that correctly... this year we have THIRTEEN full moons, rather than twelve. This includes two super-full moons, and a blue moon on Halloween. This is the perfect time to map out your year, and understand the cycles we are about to journey through in 2020. We've put together this list of full moons, dates, properties, and good things to have on hand for any magic you might do in these periods. We want to provide not only quality metaphysical products for our customers, but also guide you in using them to their maximum potential! Stay tuned with us each month for your full, in-depth, comprehensive report on each individual moon, product recommendations, and ritual ideas. We will be including special offers, promo codes, recommended products, and coupons each month, exclusively on our blog, as a thank you to all of our readers! We love working alongside moon cycles and seeing the way it's phases mirror our own phases of life...have you seen the shirt we designed? Relatable!!!

Here is a VERY brief introduction to the thirteen moons of 2020 including themes surrounding these moons and their magical associations.. direct links to our store are included to make your moon prepping less time consuming; More time for magic! we also wanted to include a special 10% off promo code for those of you who sign up & join our page's blog community! Upon signing up you will receive and email code to apply to your cart at checkout.. stay tuned for more promotions in the future! JANUARY 10TH- FULL WOLF MOON IN CANCER emotion/intuition/home/environment/nurturing/insight

associated with moonstone and our happy home candle FEBRUARY 9TH- FULL SNOW MOON IN LEO self-image/charisma/identity/critique/self-improvement/image associated with sunstone and our heart candle MARCH 9TH- FULL WORM MOON IN VIRGO order/structure/organization/work/planning/goals associated with rutilated quartz and our stability candle APRIL 8TH- FULL PINK MOON IN LIBRA

harmony/luxury/beauty/aura/higher self associated with fantasy rose quartz and our attraction candle MAY 7TH- FULL FLOWER MOON IN SCORPIO darkness/shadow-self/rebirth/transformation/taboo/occult associated with carnelian and our protection candle JUNE 5TH- FULL STRAWBERRY MOON IN SAGITTARIUS excitement/adventure/passion/optimism/experience associated with red jasper and our happiness candle

JULY 5TH- FULL THUNDER MOON IN CAPRICORN work ethic/structure/productivity/achievement/success associated with garnet and our problem solving candle


revolution/changing perspective/experimentation/curiosity associated with lapis and needed change candle SEPTEMBER 2ND- FULL CORN MOON IN PISCES psychic abilities/dreams/emotional understanding/divination/magic associated with amethyst and our spiritual cleansing candle OCTOBER 1ST- FULL HARVEST MOON IN ARIES passion/raw energy/intensity/temper/reactions/impulse

associated with red aventurine and our energy and will candle OCTOBER 31ST- FULL HUNTER'S MOON IN TAURUS stability/material world/resources/comfort/nurturing/growth

associated with bismuth and our prosperity candle NOVEMBER 30TH- FULL BEAVER MOON IN GEMINI flexibility/duality/lightheartedness/multitudes/communication

associates with chrysoprase and our truth & justice candle DECEMBER 30TH- FULL COLD MOON IN CANCER emotion/intuition/home/environment/nurturing/insight associated with moonstone and our emotional balance candle we also recommend stocking up on:

-sage for cleansing your space this can be white sage, blue, or a variety with different herbs geared towards your own intentions! We also carry a spray sage if you prefer that over burning. -a set of basic crystals such as clear quartz, selenite, and hematite ; these are good for grounding, protection, balance, and enhancing the power of your other crystals... they can be used an infinite number ways & cleansed between rituals! -our full moon candle which magnifies all effects of full moon rituals and intentions These are our basic recommendations.. feel free to pull from this list and add your own intuitive choices.. there are no wrong answers if your intentions are in the right place! Stay tuned each month for an in-depth blog on each specific moon & ritual ideas to follow along with. Happy 2020!

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