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Tarot Spread: A Talk With Your Future Self

Tarot has been used for centuries as a tool of reflection, divination, and understanding. The beauty of tarot is you can do readings for yourself, others, or entire groups of people. You can ask for advice, guidance, or even just a general understanding of any given situation. Today we are asking our future selves for some guidance. Universally, time can be considered just one realm of being. It is referred to as the "fourth dimension"- meaning there are multiple other dimensions we exist in, and time is just one kind. Long story short, time is not nearly as massive as we think it is, and tapping into this dimension is not as crazy as it sounds! We can connect to our future, wiser, older selves easily and ask for advice, so long as we keep an open mind. Reflecting on future possibilities is no different than reflecting on the past! Here is the spread, and the cards we pulled below:

Here is the reading: 1) MY PRESENT SELF - PAGE OF CUPS We are currently entering a period of curiosity, possibility, intuition, and open mindedness. We are working with a clean slate, in a way. You may have been doing a lot of work recently, whether physical, mental, spiritual, or all of the above! You've been getting yourself prepared for this new phase of your life. You may have been purging emotions, people, items, ideas- Getting rid of the old in order for the new. You are starting an entirely new cycle at this time. 2) MY FUTURE SELF WITH THANK ME FOR... - 10 OF CUPS This card represents divine love, compassion, happy homes, relationships, harmony, and total alignment. Your future self thanks you for all the hard work you've put into yourself and your surroundings! You were not suddenly rewarded these things; You put time and effort into earning them! Be proud of yourself, and know all of these setbacks, obstacles, troubles, all of it is going to pay off in the end. 3) MY FUTURE SELF TELLS ME TO FOCUS ON... - ACE OF CUPS REVERSED This cup, in reversed position, represents self love, intuition, and repressed emotions. The cups represent emotion, and the ace's overflowing cup represents an abundance of endless feelings. What are you keeping inside? Are you not allowing yourself to feel or express certain things? This relates happiness, love, self worth... Are you withholding compassion for yourself? Your future self needs you to love yourself before you can progress. 4) MY FUTURE SELF TELLS ME TO CUT OFF... - THE WORLD REVERSED The World reversed indicates closure, attachments to the past, frustrations, and disorder. This card, in this position, clearly asks us to cut off our attachments to past feelings & any situations that continue to eat away at us. You cannot move forward if you're constantly looking backwards. 5) ADVICE FROM MY FUTURE SELF... - JUDGEMENT REVERSED This card reversed represents the inner critic, self doubt, and lack of compassion for the self. This is in obvious alignment with the rest of the reading- We need to love ourselves first in order to grow. Work on self forgiveness, self love, release, and freedom at this time. The big takeaway from this reading is that self love is key to your growth, as well as letting go of the past! Take this time for yourself- meditate, journal, create, do whatever needs to be done to allow yourself to feel these emotions, process them, and then let them go! It's easier said than done, but you will thank yourself later for this hard time. Share your own readings & interpretations with us! The greatest thing about tarot is how many ways you can interpret each card. You can be as vague or specific as you need- and there are never any wrong answers. You can shop this deck, and many others on our website! We carry both oracle & tarot, all delivered straight from our shop in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. Centuries of magical energy in each deck thanks to our town's historic past!

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