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Happy Fall! We are geared up for another Autumn here in Salem- the busiest, most magical place to be right now! This is a magical time of year, where the veil between this world and the "other" worlds become thinner. It is a time of harvest, reaping the benefits of all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into the summer months. Whether you are in Salem putting in some final hard work before things slow down in the winter, coming to enjoy everything the town has to offer & relax, or reading from somewhere else in the world... We hope this spread will bring some clarity into how to move smoothly through this equinox!

CARD 1) WHAT TO SHED: PERCEPTION This season, you must shed your perception. This means losing your idea of the world around you, of others, of yourself, of your situation... Everything we see is perceived. Many spiritualists insist there is no way to have a core, pure, truth- as the human eye is always looking from it's own point of view. We are asked this Autumn to step backwards and see as unbiased as we can. Learn to focus on different things; Hear, see, feel, and think of things differently. You may notice a shift. CARD 2) HOW TO SHED: HEAVEN/EARTH We are asked to shed our perceptions by embracing the idea of wholeness; The idea that boundaries are self-imposed, abstract, and isolating. Defining ourselves, our world, and the people in it, while useful at times, can also put these things into boxes. It causes us to assume things that may not be true. This can be as simple as focusing on erasing the notion of heaven vs. earth; They need not to be two separate entities. Why can't heaven be on earth? What separates it other than a name?

CARD 3) HOW TO INVITE LIGHT: V OF AIR Drop the mask! True freedom, joy, and acceptance comes from revealing the true self, and being loved just the same underneath. Everyone wears a mask; and many of us are unaware of which masks we tend to wear. They may be harmful to you, or affect those around you. If you believe you are imperfect, you will see yourself wearing an imperfect mask. If you believe somebody is ignorant, you will see them with an imperfect mask. This card asks you to drop your mask, but remember not to judge those around you for the masks they wear. We drop these masks when we accept our true selves; Everybody is not ready to do this at the same time.

CARD 4) DREAMS TO HARVEST: THE MOTHER The mother is the creator; The womb is a magical place of possibility. She creates something from what seems like nothing, to the point of seeming like magic. She is the ultimate manifestor! She comes to us in this position to encourage us. We are asked to follow a dream of ours, big or small. Everybody has this ability, to be able to bring an abstract idea into physical, tangible fruition. Your ability may be enhanced right now! CARD 5) BLESSINGS COMING: III OF FIRE (RX) This card reversed symbolizes careful steps & planning. This is walking with your eyes wide open, slowly, so as not to take a wrong step. In this position, we can assume that there is a blessing somewhere to be found, if we keep a careful eye out. Where can you be more mindful & observant? Perhaps it is right under your nose.

CARD 6) ADVICE: ABUNDANCE Your advice for this Fall is to correct your perceptions in regard to abundance. Abundance is a concept; the idea of having a vast amount, a healthy supply, a rich, fruitful source. The best bit of advice we can pull from this reading, is to shift our mindset into one that appreciates what we have, and doesn't need too much of anything to find abundance. We always have more to be thankful for than we realize... to somebody else, you have it all. Why not see from their perspective? We hope you all have a smooth transition into this next season & a happy equinox! Shop the Dreams of Gaia tarot in store and online... Open daily, be sure to stop in and see us during your Salem visit!

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