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The perfect gift with the perfect wish by Coventry Creations!

Don't be fooled by the small package! The Blessing Kits go way beyond just a few pretty colors and scents, they are Power Votives in combinations that can change your world! These focused combinations make the perfect complement to any wish or desire you may have. Each combination of Power Votives address the bursts of energy we need to create the life we desire. 





ABUNDANCE - A Triad of Prosperity, Attraction and Stability votives

CALMING- A triad of Heart, Emotional Balance and Inner Balance

DREAMS COME TRUE - A triad of Inner Balance, Spiritual Cleansing and Truth/Justice

FINANCIAL GROWTH - A triad of Money Draw, Problem Solver and Spiritual Cleansing

GOOD KARMA - A triad of Emotional Balance, Healing and Needed Change

HAPPY MARRIAGE - A triad of Happy Home, Love's Enchantment and Heart

HEALING - A triad of Healing, Protection and Problem Solver

HOME - A triad of Happy Home, Protection and Stability

JINX - A triad of Energy, Needed Change and Protection

LUCK - A triad of Energy, Prosperity and Happiness

MAKE UP/BREAK UP - A triad of Heart, Emotional Balance and Needed Change votives

MATCHMAKER - A triad of Attraction/Love, Love's Enchantment, and Energy and Will.

MIRACLES - A triad of Healing, Heart and Spiritual Cleansing

MUSE - A triad of Attraction/Love, Energy and Will, and Problem Solver

NEW JOB - A triad of Prosperity, Attraction and Stability

PET - A triad of Heart, Happy Home and Stability

SUCCESS - A triad of Emotional Balance, Problem Solver and Stability

TRANSITION - A triad of Needed Change, Inspiration and Prosperity

TRUTH SPELL -  A triad of Needed Changes, Problem Solving, and Truth and Justice.



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