Mystic Blends hand-blended oils with dried herbs are meant to vibrationally enhance the positive atmospheres for which they are named. Our formulae and property listings are based on traditional and time-honored associations. No guarantee of results is implied. 


  • Clear Mind with Lemon Verbena to clear the mind for insight.
  • Come to Me with Red Rose Petals to attract romantic attention.
  • Good Luck with Grains of Paradise for good fortune through psychic development.
  • Guardian Angel with Hyssop to attract spiritual assistance and protection.
  • Healing with Peppermint to amplify the vibrational qualities of healing.
  • Love Drawing with Red Rose Petals to attract the qualities of love.
  • Meditation with Myrrh to heighten and enhance the meditative state.
  • Money Drawing with Frankincense to attract material gain.
  • Prosperity with Allspice to promote nurturing conditions.
  • Protection with Verbena Leaf to help develop immunity to negative vibrations.
  • Psychic Power with Mugwort to help focus psychic energy.
  • Spirit Guide with Acacia Flowers to aid communication with spirit guides.


Bottles 1/2 fl. oz * Now with an easy-drip dispenser cap!

Dilute with carrier oil for body use.  Extrnal use only.  



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